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Partner: Wildlife Conservation Board

The role of funding in making projects happen

Our featured project page, updated every 6 weeks or so, is our way of celebrating and acknowledging the work being done by you, our partners, toward our shared wetland restoration goals.


This fall we want to give a shout out to the Wildlife Conservation Board and acknowledge the vital role this agency has played, along with the State Coastal Conservancy which was featured last spring, in the funding and management of so many Joint Venture projects. See photos from some WCB supported projects below.

Since its inception in 1947, WCB has helped fund land acquisition projects and restore wildlife habitats throughout California with an additional primary goal of providing wildlife-related public access. As its mission states: The Wildlife Conservation Board protects, restores and enhances California’s spectacular natural resources for wildlife and for the public’s use and enjoyment in partnership with conservation groups, government agencies and the people of California.

In a little over a decade, WCB has contributed nearly 150 million dollars to more than 50 baylands projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, including monies toward the acquisition of the Cargill Salt Ponds in the South Bay and much of the Napa-Sonoma Marsh Wildlife Area.  Other projects currently underway with WCB assistance include the Invasive Spartina Eradication project as well as restoration work at Cullinen Ranch, Napa-Sonoma Marshes Ponds 1 & 3, Sears Point, Breuner Marsh and many others.

WCB finalized its first Strategic Plan in August of this year. This plan will be used to guide the organization through the coming years in completing the goals and objectives for habitat protection and restoration and to develop compatible public access. As Charlton Bonham, Director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife and WCB Board Chairman, states, “California, one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world, faces extraordinary challenges, but is also positioned to take advantage of outstanding wildlife conservation opportunities. This plan will help the WCB meet those challenges head-on and take advantage of the opportunities more strategically than ever before.”

To learn more, visit the WCB website: https://wcb.ca.gov/

Restoration Project

Restoration Project

Restoration Project