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Wetlands Restoration Is Working



Comments due by noon on September 7 on State Water Resources Control Board proposal for a State Wetland Definition and Procedures for Discharges of Dredged or Fill Material to Waters of the State

Concept Proposals for the Prop 1 Delta Conservancy Ecosystem Restoration and Water Quality Grant Program open August 1-31

State Water Resources Control Board will receive public comments on the Proposed Amendments to both the Water Quality Control Plan for Ocean Waters of California , and the forthcoming Water Quality Control Plan for Inland Surface Waters, Enclosed Bays, and Estuaries of California to include the Statewide Wetland Definition and Procedures for Discharges of Dredged or Fill Materials to Waters of the State and the Draft Staff Report including the Draft Su...

2017 WCB Public Access Program Solicitation Notice and Application Open Through September 15


Mapping Coastal Flood Risk Lags Behind Sea Level Rise
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Government Report Finds Drastic Impact of Climate Change on U.S.
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Novato Creek work could help battle sea-level rise, report finds

GOP push to shift state water policy away from conservation
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Audubons photography award photos are worth checking out!

Bay Area Greenprint allows planners to build natural resource conservation into their policies and plans. Brought to you by The Nature Conservancy, American Farmland Trust, Bay Area Open Space Council, Greenbelt Alliance, and GreenInfo Network.

Farm Bill Works for Landowners and Birds, New Report Finds
American Bird Conservancy

NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer tool updated with latest data and projections. See how future sea level rise projections will impact your community.

Featured Project

Eden Landing Ecological Reserve Restoration Project

Over the past 20 years, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), in conjunction with many other SFBJV other partners, has transformed portions of the Eden Landing Reserve, a 6400-acre site. As a result, hundreds of acres are now open to the Bay, ponds for birdlife have been enhanced, trails installed, trash removed, and invasive plants replaced with natives. Most recently, as part of the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (SBSPRP), more public access has been provided, including a kayak launch and opportunities to view and learn about 19th Century saltworks.

Your Wetlands Podcast

Flood Control 2.0 Implementation Project: Lower Walnut Creek

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